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We have been thinking about a lot of things lately. Or, put another way, we have "bin" thinking about a lot of things lately. If you can't tell from that statement alone, the topic we have been thinking about is garbage bins. They hold your trash, but they also do so much more than that. Depending on the bin, they can also help keep smells contained. They can help keep your space organized, too. If you want to know more of our thoughts about garbage bins, you can read about them here on this blog. All we ask is that you don't throw the information in the trash when you're done.



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Leasing Durable Garbage Bins To Dispose Of Toxic Construction Waste
28 June 2021

If you are a construction company foreman, you are


Leasing Durable Garbage Bins To Dispose Of Toxic Construction Waste

If you are a construction company foreman, you are responsible for keeping the job sites on which you and your crew work clean and safe. You must get rid of garbage as it is generated to prevent accidents and illness on the job. 

Instead of loading up trucks and hauling the garbage away regularly, you can invest in receptacles that are built for job sites like yours. You can use them to dispose of and have toxic construction waste hauled away. 

Safe Disposal

When you throw away construction waste, you want to know that it will not leak or spill out on the grounds or into the air and water. In fact, you may need to abide by stringent OSHA and EPA standards that require you to get rid of it in an ecologically safe manner.

When you lease receptacles that are built for construction waste, you can get rid of it in a way that prevents the waste from leaking or spilling out into the environment. You help your company avoid failing inspections and incurring expensive fines and penalties for harming the environment.

Ample Size

The receptacles that you can lease for your job site are also deep and large enough to handle all kinds of construction waste. They are built from durable materials like steel and aluminum that can tolerate a variety of heavy-duty items that you might need to throw away on the job site. They can withstand you disposing materials like plywood, sheets of metal, glass and concrete.

If you were to dispose of these items in normal trash receptacles, you might cause the receptacles to rupture, split or bend. You also might weigh down the receptacles or cause them to suffer burns and other damages that render them useless. 

Regular Disposal

Finally, the company that you lease the receptacles from can empty them at the end of each workday or week. You avoid having to load and haul them away to be dumped yourself. You also avoid having to use full trash containers and keep piling trash on top of them. The company can leave an empty bin for you to use and haul away and empty the full one.

You are responsible for disposing of construction waste in a safe and responsible manner. You can lease receptacles from a trash company to dispose of large and toxic materials and have them emptied on a regular basis.